One System To Rule Them All

Why struggle with numerous different systems. Hungrysolutions streamlines your restaurant’s digital requirements into one easy to use system. With one platform, you can accept and manage every type of online order


Order for collection directly in-store either due immediately or at a later time


Order delivery to a specific address within your pre-configured rules and zones


Order directly from your table by selecting your table number or scanning the QR code


Request a table booking at a later date with e-mail confirmations to keep updated

Trusted by 100's of restaurants around the world

Your Website, Your Brand

Create your own unique online ordering website with your brand colors and images. Choose from pre-made themes and stock images. Craft the best look with our built-in site editor

Easily connect your own domain name to your ordering website and get a free SSL certificate for secure access

Easy Order Management

Using our real-time order management interface, your staff can get a birds eye view of every pending order and easily keep track of what needs to be prepared next

  • Automated receipt printing to unlimited printers
  • Customizable e-mail, audio and device notifications
  • Order events log to maintain staff accountability

Feature Packed Online Ordering

Using our real-time order management interface, your staff can get a birds eye view of every pending order and easily keep track of what needs to be prepared next


Your Own Hardware

Use any hardware, tablets, PCs or printers without issues. We recommend a Windows tablet or PC for printing compatibility

Mobile Friendly Online Ordering

Create your custom branded online ordering website that works great across all devices and delivers a great user experience

Landing Page Generator

Create your own landing page website with your story, picture gallery, store locations list and contact form

iOS & Android Apps

Boost your brand and business with your own custom iOS & Android app uploaded to the app stores

Real-Time Order Receipt

Keep your customers updated with our real-time order and reservation receipt that updates accordingly

Promos & Discounts

Create unlimited promo codes to boost your sales. Restrict promo code usage according to numerous rules

QR Code & NFC Ordering

Customers can order directly from their table via QR code or NFC chip scan. Use this to provide a great customer experience

Age Verification System

Utilize our built-in age and ID verification system for selling restricted goods. Perfect for bars and clubs

Multi-Store Management

Integrate all your store locations under one easy to use system. Restrict access to each store with staff accounts

Staff Accounts

Create staff accounts with restricted access to prevent unauthorized access to any sensitive information

Customer Accounts

Customers can create accounts via e-mail or login with Facebook and Google to save orders or enable quick re-orders

Analytics & Customer Tracking

Generate detailed sales reports, track customers and guests with ease across multiple devices

Data Export

Easily export all your orders, bookings and customers to CSV format for use with external tools

Custom Domain w/ SSL

Connect your own domain name to your ordering or landing website. We will generate and manage a free SSL certificate for you

Available Worldwide

Use our system from anywhere in the world. We support numerous currencies along with regional formatting of dates and times

Real-Time Order Management

Manage orders & bookings in real-time with our admin dashboard and customizable notification system

Comprehensive Menu Builder

Our menu builder will allow you to create multiple highly customizable menus with various options and combinations

Automated Order Printing

Automatically print customizable receipts on demand to any number of printers on Windows or Linux devices

Hosting Included

Built with the best technology and hosted on Google Cloud Platform so you can enjoy maximum reliability with regular updates

Fully Integrated

With numerous payment gateways, social logins and analytic tools

Let Us Help You Get Online!

Get your own online ordering system and start selling today!

According to a recent statistics in 2020, Digital ordering and delivery have grown 300% faster than dine-in traffic since 2014. 70% of consumers say they’d rather order directly from a restaurant, preferring that their money goes straight to the restaurant and not a third party.

One simple flat rate per month so you can skip all the commission!

Why pay up to 30% commission on 3rd party platforms when you can have your own online store without paying any commission! Setup your own online store so your loyal customers can easily order directly from you.

Online ordering for Pickup, Delivery, and Dine-In. You can even take table reservations!

You can now offer online ordering to your dine-in customers. All they have to do is scan a QR code at their table and simply browse the menu, order, and pay. They may even order ahead so food is ready when they arrive!

Integrations with POS, 3rd Party Delivery Channels, and Delivery Dispatch Systems!

Do you have a custom project in mind? Do you want to integrate your 3rd party delivery orders directly into your POS? If you can dream it, we can probably make it happen! Talk to us today!

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